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Main » 2011 » January » 14 » PTC SCAM sites
8:18 PM
PTC SCAM sites
I've just removed some PTC sites from my promotion list. They've payed to me but reason for the removal i either they stop paying for long period of time or they put some restrictions for payments for all users/ not just upgraded/ or they just gone from PTC arena.
Here they are:
1. Freebird bux- paying but you've suppose to upgrade $17- for membership that allows you to earn 150% of what you invested & Thebuxgroup services where this site belongs are expanding 5 or 7 new sites and they pay 80% of their daily earnings/ i've stood in front of my desktop 2 hole days to receive my last payment / because they don't give exact time when cash-outs will begin.
2. Thebuxgroup -almost same reason upgrade $20 i've received 2 payments/ but fees are too big requested $10 - received $7.2
3. My - gone from more than 5 days
4. Bowlingbux - 1-st cashout is not connected with any restrictions but for second you must invest i upgrade,or some money for referrals not from main balance but from your paypal or alertpay account/ money you've earned some were else.
5. ifbux will not stay stable for long period of time - and the script seems familiar to me and then i remember it like utilbux
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